• Ark 3 - X-CELL™ - Cell Repair  (THE PURPLE PILL) | Ark Nutrition®
  • Ark 3 - X-CELL™ - Cell Repair  (THE PURPLE PILL) | Ark Nutrition®

Ark 3 - X-CELL™ - Cell Repair (THE PURPLE PILL)

  • £43.95
  • £43.95

Repair with X-Cell

Reduce Inflammation and Joint pain, Balance Body pH, and Feel Younger with X-Cell from Arkworld.
Ideal for…
  • Avoiding the damaging effects of overtraining
  • Promoting joint health and reduce inflammation in the body
  • Anti-aging effects on your cells
  • Depression, Infection & Digestive Problems

When you have a big fitness goal, intense physical exercise is all part of the process, so you need to be able to recover and repair as quickly as possible in order to avoid over-training. That’s where Arkworld's Ark 3 – X-CELL™ aka The Purple Pill comes in.

Arkworld's superstar ingredient in Ark 3 – X-CELL™ (THE PURPLE PILL) is Kre-Celazine©, a non-drug patented ingredient that has been medically and clinically proven to reduce joint pain and rapidly promote joint health.

This is combined with an exclusive blend of nutritional and herbal ingredients that have been shown to improve flexibility and mobility, reduce inflammation, and balance the body’s pH levels. In other words, helping to avoid the damaging effects caused by overtraining, this occurs when your body doesn’t have time to recover from the physical stress caused by regular, intense, physical training. Here’s how it works.

Avoid the damaging effects of overtraining

Too much training and too little rest can produce excessive amounts of inflammation, leading to deterioration of muscle tissue and impaired immunity - not helpful when you are trying to build muscle and work hard towards a big fitness goal. Along with its other ingredients, Kre- Celazine, X-Cell’s main ingredient, has been shown to reduce cellular damage and the inflammatory response after exercise, helping you to avoid the negative effects of overtraining.

Promote joint health

Lifting heavy weights and doing high impact exercise can take its toll on your joints, which can be made worse by excess inflammation. As well as suppressing inflammatory cell function, the Kre-Celazine in X-Cell plays a role in decreasing cartilage breakdown and pain to promote joint health. This means that problem joints are less likely to get in the way of your training progress. It has also been shown to help with pain relief for people with inflammation related conditions.

Anti-aging effects on your cells

X-Cell helps cells to rapidly repair and regenerate by reducing the rapid aging processes that can be triggered by loss of cell membrane integrity. This includes uncontrolled or imbalanced inflammation, which can occur with age, poor diet, cellular damage and stress. By balancing the pH levels in your body and halting the cascade of inflammation, taking X-Cell regularly has an anti-aging effect on your cells, restoring the body over time.

You can buy Ark 3 – MICRO (THE PURPLE PILL) on its own or in one of these convenient packs:

  • Ark 1 - The Pink Drink for enhanced lean muscle growth and fat burning. 
  • Ark 2 - Micro for multi-vitamin and mineral support to boost your general health and - the baseline for your fitness goal.

Like all supplements, Ark 3 – MICRO (THE PURPLE PILL) works best alongside a well-balanced diet and an exercise programme tailored to your fitness goals.

All Natural, Pharmaceutically Graded with NO artificial dyes or colours

Directions for Use & Serving Suggestions


It is recommended to take 1 capsule two times a day in conjunction with a well balanced diet and fits easily into a busy lifestyle. 1 pack contains 60 capsules

Ingredients: Kre-Celazine (Kre-Alkalyn boned to esterified fatty acids), Glucosamine Sulfate, MSM, Boswellia Extract, Turmeric Root, Devils Claw, Chondrotin Root, Pictogen Pine Bark0, MYT (Montana Yew Tip)