Ark 1 - THE PINK DRINK - Amino Acids, Motivation & Focus

'The Pink Drink’ an L-Arginine supplement promoting lean muscle mass and fat burning, while boosting energy, recovery and the immune system

  • Building leaner muscle and increasing bone density.
  • Reducing fat tissue.
  • Increasing energy, endurance and recovery.
  • An enhanced immune system.
  • Better brain-power.

For more information about L-Arginine & what makes it so different, click here to find out more.

Like all supplements, Ark 1 - 'The Pink Drink' works best alongside a well-balanced diet and an exercise programme tailored to your fitness goals.

Pharmaceutically Graded! NO artificial flavours, dyes or colours!


Take ¾ of a scoop (10 grams) of the delicious tropical flavoured Pink Drink in 250ml of bottled or filtered water to taste, 2 times a day. (Morning and either afternoon or at night) Do not take with food!

Take one hour away from food either side for best results.

For higher Human Growth Hormone release, take one of your two daily servings at night just before bedtime.

For sports people, athletes and bodybuilders: Use as a pre workout taking a double scoop of Pink Drink 45 minutes before training for increased blood flow and muscle pump!

Maltodextrin, L-arginine, Fructose, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate), arginine-alpha-ketogutarate, Citric acid, Malic acid, Viamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), L-glutamine HCI, L-leucine, Colour (Beet juice), Stawberry juice, Natural flavours, Magnesium citrate, L-valine, Acetyl L-carnitine, L-carnitine citrate, Choline bitarate, L-citrulline, L-cysteine, Alpha lipoic acid, Citrus bioflavonoids.

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous !!!!

My gp recommended trying the pink drink as I have a chronic condition and this supplement has everything I need daily. I can honestly say it had turned my life around, really helped with my fatigue and side effects of treatment. Thankyou so much!!!

A maaaaaaa zing!!!

Love the pink drink! In my second tub now! AND it Tastes nice.... actually really does! Xx

Pink Perfection

Seriously healthy attitude builder
Optimum nutrition means being on point

This is the only product that enables me to do all I love coupled with diet.

Energy Boost

I've been taking this for several months & can feel a real difference in my energy levels. Tastes nice too.