What is Protalyn?



This brand new protein technology is derived from Arkworlds patent pending process using enzymatic reaction during the liquid phase before drying. The ‘Hybrid’ is formed by the reaction of milk and grain protein extracts resulting in the finished product called ProtaLyn®.

The Arkworld scientists have worked long and hard to develop a perfect protein by finding a way to pump more of this muscle-building compound into your body through “Hybrid Enzymatic Peptide Processing” TM.


Using the Highest Quality Ingredients

In any process you must begin with the highest quality ingredients to end up with superior finished goods. USDA prime choice milking cattle are chosen for their milk source. No steroids are used on these cows, nor is any GMO food. (GMO stands for Genetically Engineered Organisms).

High quality, home grown grains that are organically grown without pesticides and are non GMO. The cattle are hand raised from birth, on a special high protein & vitamin diet. When the cattle have reached the right age for milking, they are milked under controlled USDA conditions. The milk is immediately loaded into temperature controlled stainless steel transfer trucks. Upon arrival at Arkworlds state of the art filtration & ionization plant, every step of the process is monitored for quality.


How is ProtaLyn Made?

During this first process, enzymes are added and the mix processes as the milk ripens. The dairy whey is then removed from the mix and transported to another holding tank. The following steps now take place:


1) Casein is removed to secure proper filtration
2) Separation of cream to reduce the fat content
3) Heat treatment to control bacteriological quality
4) The addition of high quality grain extracts
5) Additions of pre-treatments
6) pH adjusted


The second process requires this mix to sit, mature, and then chill for 24 hours before moving into filtration. Once the required peptide response is achieved, the liquid mix moves into ultra filtration, which removes the remaining fat etc, to a concentration of around 75% protein solids by dry measurements.

Some proteins that are commonly processed with extreme heat are; egg whites, lactalbumin, casein & whey protein. High heat and denaturing processing are the quickest and cheapest ways to dry protein. This results in slowing down the digestion and absorption process in your intestines, taking longer for the amino acids to reach the muscles.

Arkworlds scientific processing techniques use "State of the Art" technology and equipment, allowing them to bypass this deadly heating process by using a cold high speed air chamber drying technique. In these large chambers, the ionic cold high speed air processing blows off all the excess water, leaving us with a finished powder called ProtaLyn®.


Commonly Used Protein Testing Categories

a). Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) The amino acid score with an added digestibility component.

b). Amino Acid Scores (AAS) A chemical technique that measures the indispensable amino acids present in protein and compares the values with a reference protein. The protein is rated based upon the most limiting indispensable amino acid

c). Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) Measures the ability of a protein to support growth by representing the ratio of weight gain to the amount of protein consumed.

d). Biological Value (BV) Measures the amount of nitrogen retained in comparison to the amount of nitrogen absorbed.

e). Protein Digestibility (PD) A test to measure how well protein is digested.


Protein Comparison Chart


On average, the ShipShape protein - ProtaLyn® outperformed all other proteins sources. These tests show that you can use less ShipShape ProtaLyn® than whey protein concentrate, casein, soy protein, beef or eggs, because ShipShape ProtaLyn® is absorbed and digested very effectively. Smaller amounts are all that is needed, making this the perfect protein choice above all other proteins on the market.

This makes Arkworld's ShipShape Shake (Ark 4 – Super Ark Food) the most bio available and affective meal replacement ever created.

Not only, because it uses a protein that out performs all other proteins, but also because it delivers the highest quality and absorbable nutrition at a cellular level into the body. The results speak for themselves with all the incredible success stories flooding into the company.