By Arkworld’s Chief Executive Scientist – Dr. Jeff Golini PhD


The Arkworld product ARK 3 (The Purple Pill) contains Kre-Celazine which is a non-drug patented ingredient that has been medically and clinically proven to reduce pain and rapidly promote joint health, improving flexibility and mobility along with reducing inflammation. Kre-Celazine is a complex material consisting of bonding Kre-Alkalyn with esterified fatty acid carbons. The esterifying process makes the fatty acid stable so it does not react with oxygen. 


Inflammation can shorten our life span.

Remember, intense exercise also causes inflammation to the muscles. Too much training and too little rest can produce excessive amounts of inflammation - leading to tissue deterioration, impaired immunities, and serious over-training. Research has shown that using Kre-Celazine containing Kre-Alkalyn reduces cellular damage and the inflammatory response after exercise.

X-Cells main ingredient Kre-Celazine also plays a role in suppressing inflammatory cell function; decreasing cartilage breakdown and the triggering of cell death.


Anti-Aging Benefits.

Loss of cell membrane integrity from internal and external stressors begins a number of rapid aging processes – including uncontrolled or imbalanced inflammations. Inflammation can occur with age, dietary conditions, cellular damage, stress or other insults which stimulate or stiffen cell membranes.

X-Cell not only halts the cascade of inflammation, but rapidly begins restoring the body on a cumulative basis enabling the cells to rapidly repair and regenerate.


Bringing the body’s pH to the correct balance.

When considering the many components which make up our health, few things are more important in the body than having the proper pH or alkaline/acid balance. There are different levels of pH in various systems of the body, but they must all be kept in a very specific balance for the body to function normally and at peak efficiency.

The various foods we consume are the primary means by which the body is either kept in optimal pH balance or thrown into pH chaos. Too many acidic foods, like sodas and processed dietary supplements on the market today contain loads of citric acids for taste – which are at higher levels than seen in foods.

The body likes to be slightly on the alkaline side of the scale and will compensate and correct this imbalance. The process of trying to re-establish a normal, healthy pH when altered is very stressful on the body. If sustained for a long enough period of time, this altered pH can result in abnormal organ function, damage and disease.


Side effects of sustaining your body at a low pH:

·       Irritability

·       Anxiety

·       Low grade fevers

·       Joint pain & inflammation

·       Depression

·       Susceptibility to infection

·       Digestive problems


The benefits of taking Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) on a regular basis balances your pH which is crucial to eliminate inflammation breakdown of cells and helps your body recover and grow.

Arkworld’s Ark 3 – X-Cell (The Purple Pill) and its double patent, is one of the most researched products to come on the market to date. It is a new technology that far surpasses anything out there including such things as the large doses of glucosamine that are currently needed to get some kind of joint pain relief or by using dangerous drugs that just mask the pain.

This new discovery is not only unique to Arkworld but also unique to the market place and can be used independently or in conjunction with all other groundbreaking Arkworld products to not only help with inflammation and alkalizing but as part of the Anti –Aging nutritional package that this product and all Arkworld products represent.

Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) with Kre-Celazine is a patented and trademark protected product and new discovery with US Patent number 6,399,661 that is registered to BioCeuticals Research & Development Analytical Laboratories. Other patents are issued and pending worldwide.

Kre-Celazine as a raw material is manufactured by Rocky Mountain Chemical Company and processed and formulated exclusively for Arkworld International in, Ark 3 - X-Cell (The Purple Pill) that is only available from the company through registered Arkworld Independent Distributors