Adding Coconut Oil To Your Coffee In The Mornings



Adding coconut oil to your daily dose of caffeine is a very good idea if you want to improve your immune system, increase your metabolism, aid in weight loss, boost energy levels, cleanse your digestive system, boost brain function and improve nutrient uptake. Coconut oil and coffee actually have many of the same characteristics, at least in terms of their effect on the body, so combining the two makes for an extremely powerful beverage that can have a noticeable impact on your life.


You may depend on coffee in the morning or mid-day for that much-needed energy boost. Coconut oil is made up out of Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs for short. MCTs are absorbed and metabolized by the body super quickly giving you an extra boost.


Adding MCTs to your diet may improve your metabolism and has been linked to weight loss. Instead of being stored as fat, the calories in MCTs are quickly and quite efficiently converted into fuel for your body.

A study in 2009, women between the ages 20 and 40, were given dietary supplements of either 30 ml (about 6 tsp) of soybean or coconut oil. After a 12 week period, the group taking coconut oil had a decrease in BMI, waist circumference, and a boost in “good” HDL cholesterol. The other group did not experience the same benefits.

Men who consumed MCTs at breakfast were also found to eat less at lunchtime. This clearly suggests that enjoying coconut oil in the morning will help you avoid grumpiness and cravings in an afternoon energy slump.


The magic of coconut oil doesn’t stop there. A massive 50% of coconut oil fatty acids is Lauric Acid. Found in breast milk, this healthy fat has antimicrobial properties. It can be used for treating the flu, common cold, cold sores, and many other diseases.


It’s super easy, here’s how:

  1. Open your blender and pour your coffee (preferably organic) carefully into the cup.
  2. Add one 5 grams of organic coconut oil.
  3. Blend and enjoy.

Blending it instead of trying to stir it in will make sure it’s mixed evenly and tastes great. This is a fantastic way to get the benefits of coconut oil into your morning routine. I love the taste and it certainly works for me. Give it a try and share with your fellow coffee drinkers.