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Hello, I'm Lee Schlesinger the owner of Ark Nutrition.  


I’ve been interested in fitness for the last 12+ years, working out on average 4-5 times a week. As my interest in fitness and body building has evolved, I started taking more and more notice of my diet and testing out which supplements gave me the best training results. I discovered that not all supplements are created equal, and some have unpleasant, and potentially harmful side effects.


I’ve always wanted to compete in a body building show as a way of challenging myself. I’m naturally quite shy, so I found a lot of reasons to put this off! But I wanted to see what I could achieve if I applied myself really seriously. Finally in November 2013, I plucked up the courage & entered my first NABBA (National Amateur Body-Building Association) competition in October 2014. Then in November 2016 I was proud to win first place. Now I'm hooked and training hard for my third contest - you can see how I'm getting on via my Facebook Page & Instagram.


I'm not a professional athlete -  I run my own busy plumbing and heating company, working long hours. I often start work before 8am and more often than not I don’t finish until 7pm.  I credit the Arkworld products for keeping me in the best shape of my life, giving me the energy to work out after a long day at work & the nutrition to keep me going and help with the recovery from intense training sessions. You get out what you put in!  




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