Benefits Of L-Arginine Supplement


Don’t let the name Nitric Oxide scare you, it’s a simple molecule that our bodies produces naturally but which can be diminished by lifestyle factors such as aging, inactivity, smoking, high cholesterol, fatty diets, and lack of healthy foods. The reason Nitric Oxide is important is it helps to carry the blood supply around the body.

Arginine is also depleted during exercise. That’s why supplementing this little miracle worker is popular with athletes and people training and working out.

Here are 4 ways L-arginine can help you:

1. Promote lean muscle & bone density

L-arginine helps stimulate the body to release Human Growth Hormone, helping to promote lean muscle mass and bone density. Whether you want to bulk up or slim down, this can only help.

2. Decrease fat tissue

The lean muscle promoted by L-arginine helps to boost your metabolism and fat-burning abilities, helping you to achieve a slim, toned, physique. So if your goal is to slim down rather than bulk up, have no fear!

3. Improve energy, endurance and recovery

L-arginine helps oxygen-rich blood flow to the muscles, reducing lactic-acid build up, and helps to offset the depletion of Argenine (and therefore Nitric Oxide) during workouts. This means you can work out harder and longer because your muscles are getting all the oxygen they need for peak performance. With more oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscle tissue, this can also aid recovery from intense workouts.

4. Boost brain-power and immune function

L-arginine could also help boost your mental muscle too! Argenine is used by the immune system to kill foreign bacteria and viruses while Nitric Oxide acts as a “messenger molecule” helping nerve cells in the body and brain to communicate with each other.