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Weight Control & Healthy Nutrition. The New ShipShape Weight Control Product Line for Weight Loss & Fat Burning, Healthy Living, Sports Performance and Bodybuilding...

Arkworld ShipShape – the most Exciting, Effective and Scientifically Advanced Weight Control and Fat Burning Products ever to be designed!

Get into ShipShape with the weight control program set to take the industry by storm!

  • Healthiest & most complete program ever!
  • New Patented Protein Source
  • Enzymatic Hybrid Protein – A New Science!
  • New Revolutionary Fat Burning Discovery
  • Burns fat without affecting muscle tissue
  • Burns fat whilst lowering cholesterol
  • All completely natural with no stimulants
  • No counting calories!
  • No Hunger Pains, just good looking gains!
  • Get ripped up, instead of getting ripped off!
  • Used by athletes & bodybuilders too! 

12 years in the making, the ShipShape Weight Control phenomenon is here!
Lose Weight with ShipShape & Burn Fat now! You won’t believe the results


About the Shipshape product line:

ARK SHIPSHAPE PACK (Super Ark Food + Inferno)


Ark 4 - ShipShape (Super Ark Food)®

Arguably the Greatest Meal Replacement & Protein Shake in the World! No hunger pains, just good looking gains!

The healthiest, most effective and scientifically advanced weight control meal replacement and protein shake ever designed! The complete healthy meal with exclusive blends, key nutrients and a new source of protein called Protalyn (Enzymatic Hybrid Protein) that has a tried and tested higher efficiency rate than any other protein on the market today! The difference is staggering.

Ark 4 – ShipShape Super Ark Food Nutritional Shake Mix is a meal replacement unlike any other on the market today, containing 210 calories per meal of the highest quality and balanced nutrition possible, anti-oxidants, fibre, botanicals, exclusive Ark Blends and a Patent Pending protein called ProtaLyn (Enzymatic Hybrid Protein) to provide the most healthy and effective meal in a glass ever created for sustained energy and well being!

This revolutionary new patent pending protein is called ProtaLyn® (Enzymatic Hybrid Protein) which has a higher efficiency rate than any other protein on the market today. Simply put, ProtaLyn is absorbed & digested very quickly, therefore, less is more, resulting in much greater results. This is not just effective for those people who wish to lose or control weight, but also for sports people, athletes and bodybuilders alike! Nowhere will they find a better or more effective protein source!

Ark 5 - ShipShape (Inferno)®

Burn Baby Burn with ShipShape Inferno! Get Ripped Up instead of Getting Ripped Off!

The most exciting, effective and scientifically advanced fat burning weight control product ever to be designed! Using new groundbreaking science this innovative product contains a patent pending magical ingredient called Lyzme5 that burns fat in the body quickly and then disperses it into the system to be used as energy. Way ahead of its time, this product will completely astound you! No other fat burning product in the world comes close to this.

Ark 5 - ShipShape Inferno (The Fat Antagonizer) is a fat burning product with an exclusive pioneering formulation, unlike anything designed for weight control before, with a patented magic ingredient called Lyzme5 that burns fat without effecting muscle tissue like no other product in the world today to provide the best results possible for a leaner, fitter and healthier you!

ShipShape Inferno is a product that burns fat in the body and disperses it into the system to be used as energy. This ground breaking exclusive product is arguably the most effective and innovative fat burning weight control product that has ever been developed in the industry Ark 5 – ShipShape Inferno (The Fat Antagonizer) is a completely unique innovation in weight control and burning fat. As with the ShipShape Shake it has taken over 7 years of scientific research and testing to develop from concept to finished product.

You can buy the ShipShape Pack here it includes Ark 4 – ShipShape Super Ark Food Nutritional Shake Mix & Ark 5 - ShipShape Inferno (The Fat Antagonizer)

Other products in our store

Ark 1 - The Pink Drink  for boosting energy, recovery and the immune system.

Ark 2 - Micro for multi-vitamin and mineral support to boost your general health and achieve the baseline for your fitness goal.

Ark 3 - The Purple Pill for better joint health and reduced inflammation.

Like all supplements, these work best alongside a well-balanced diet and an exercise programme tailored to your fitness goals. 

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