Glucosamine Sulphate


The Incredible Health Benefits of Glucosamine Sulphate

Despite it being one of the most popular supplements on the market, many people just simply aren’t aware of what glucosamine is, let alone what advantages it presents to the human body. Now, although it’s a supplement, it isn’t manmade; the ingredient is naturally produced by the body to protect joints, cartilage and bones.


In addition, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements, which means it has the ability to benefit the whole body. There are various forms of the ingredient out there, but glucosamine sulphate is arguably the most effective. Why? Because it retains all of that valuable sulphate which is great at repairing, rebuilding and restoring cartilage around the joints.


If you’re having some trouble with your joints, then it may indicate your body isn’t producing a sufficient amount of the chemical, so it may be worth looking into consuming some from other sources. Anyway, we’re going to discuss some of the excellent ways it can aid the entire body. Oh, and these have been proven via a multitude of different scientific studies over the years…


Helps massively with osteoarthritis  

Considering glucosamine’s main function is to protect joints, and rebuild them if they become damaged, it’s no surprise that it helps with osteoarthritis. For those that don’t know, osteoarthritis is a condition that arises when cartilage breaks down drastically, and symptoms include pain, discomfort and difficulty functioning as normal from that area. Glucosamine works to reinforce the cartilage, and subsequently diminish any pain that the sufferer is experiencing. Research has proved that the ingredient even works with severe cases of the condition.


Relieves symptoms of TMJ disorder

Temporo-mandibular joint disorder is something which millions of people have across the globe have. It’s distinguished by jaw and neck pains, a reduction in mobility of the jaw, headaches and muscle tension around that particular area. Some experts suggest it’s a result of stress, but essentially, it’s the joint that causes the problem. But, regular consumption of glucosamine can relieve symptoms, and reduce some of the inflammation in the mandible joint.


Works to keep the bowels healthy

As glucosamine sulphate possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it works wonders when it comes to bowel issues, such as IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Not only does it repair any damaged tissue, it also decreases any inflammation, helps to reline the stomach, and empowers the digestive system to operate optimally. So, if you’re having a hard time finding a solution to any pains, or problems in that area, glucosamine may be the answer.


Keeps skin looking vibrant

Studies have revealed that glucosamine can do plenty for your skin, and prevent it from aging prematurely. That’s because it stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis, which deters wrinkles from forming, keeps the skin hydrated, and ultimately helps to sustain revitalised looking skin. Therefore, the ingredient branches out much wider than protecting joints, it also has benefits which are very visible – nothing highlights the benefits of a supplement more than your skin!


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