Why We Need to Keep Ourselves Hydrated


Water is one of those things that is considered to be a blessing from Mother Nature; it is found naturally on Earth, and it’s a necessity that keeps the human race alive. You see, water’s importance is highlighted with the fact that the average adult body consists of around 60% water. But, so many people just fail to consume an adequate amount on a daily basis.


Why? Well, there are a number of reasons; some people forget as they get caught up in their busy schedules, some believe they do drink enough when they don’t, and some people don’t actually like drinking water.


Now, before we get into the benefits of staying hydrated, let’s discuss how much you actually need to aim for per day. Health experts state that a healthy target is 2-litres to replace the water that’s lost through sweat and urine. Of course, athletes or those that exercise with high intensity will need to drink more.


The main downside to not drinking a sufficient amount is dehydration, which can be deadly. But, minor indications can include headaches, dizziness, dry mouth or eyes, and low energy.


Anyway, here are some benefits, to try and encourage you to aim for that magic 2-litres:


Enhances your cardiovascular system


Water ensures that oxygen is delivered around the body thoroughly, which ensures that organs and muscles receive enough to function. One of the ways that it does this is by increasing your blood volume, so that your heart doesn’t need to work as hard to complete certain tasks. In addition, staying hydrated will keep your energy levels high.


Regulates your body temperature


Most people believe that sweating during exercise is actually a sign that you’re unfit, but in actual fact, it’s your body performing how it should be. When the temperature inside your body increases, water helps by widening the bloody vessels underneath the surface of your skin, which allows heat to escape with the sweat.


Keeps your joints lubricated


Your joints are a key component to normal movement, and our joints will naturally wear down as we get older. But, not drinking enough water will speed up that unfortunate process, as they won’t be lubricated, and the bones will wear down. Water will help them to function seamlessly, without any concerns prolonging the life of your joints.


Flushes waste out of the body


Have you ever noticed that when you do drink more water you’ll go to the toilet way more often? That’s a healthy sign, as when your urine is clear, it means you’re fully hydrated. The kidneys eliminate toxins and waste products from your blood through your urine. If you’re not drinking enough water your kidneys will struggle to function properly.


Helps with digestion


There’s a couple of ways that water assists digestion. The first, is that it helps your body form saliva, which is a vital part of the digestion process. Secondly, it helps to convert food into essential nutrients which your body needs to perform optimally. Daily fluid intake is essential for our bodies to function effectively.


So we want to know are you really drinking enough water?

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