Why Not Give Intermittent Fasting a Try


Let’s face it, no-one enjoys the grueling process of losing weight and cutting weight, but it’s beneficial for a multitude of different reasons. The lower body fat percentage will reveal awesome muscle definition, the increase in cardio will improve cardiovascular health and the clean diet will make you feel great. See, there’s a few advantages that we quickly reeled off, but there are tons more.


A hugely popular strategy which has rose to prominence in the fitness world is intermittent fasting.

In a nutshell, it’s a form of dieting that involves refraining from eating for a certain period of time, and then eating during a specified window. The number of variants flying around is difficult to keep track of, but some of the main ones include…


  • 8:8:8 – Sleeping for 8 hours, fasting for 8 hours, eating for 8 hours
  • Alternating days – Fast one day, eat the next etc.
  • 5:2 – Consume around 500 calories on 2 days during the week


At first, you may assume you’ll have to starve yourself, and think “hell no!” But, give it a try, because believe us the results will be inspiring. If you still need convincing, here are some wonderful benefits of intermittent fasting:


  • Boosts fat loss


Ultimately, on a diet, especially one that is as intense as intermittent fasting, you’re going to be in a caloric deficit. If you combine that with nutritional food and cardio, it’s only natural for weight to be stripped off you. Subsequently, body fat will start to come off with it. But, with intermittent fasting, your metabolism spikes, insulin levels drop and norepinephrine increases. That trio combines to kickstart the fat burning process, as it pushes the body to tap into fat storage for energy.


  • Strengthens your mind


Of course, intermittent fasting has the power to give you a physique you’ve always wanted, if you put the work in. So, that alone will instill motivation and determination into you. When you achieve a phenomenal physique that you’re happy with, your confidence will skyrocket. But, before you get to that point, intermittent fasting is superb at keeping your mind strong. How? Well, hitting your caloric goal within a window means you can allocate more to each meal, which allows you to eat bigger portion sizes and not feel like you’re dieting too much.


  • Enhances energy levels


Usually, with people who eat frequently will force their digestive system to constantly break down food. That means your body is expending a lot of energy throughout the day. Whereas, if you’re fasting, your body can utilize energy sources without having anything using it up in the background. Oh, and the best part – that energy source will most likely be fat!



  • Protects muscle mass


With typical diets, you’ll be in a caloric deficit for a much longer period of time, because you’ll gradually axe your calories more and more. But, with intermittent fasting, it’s less taxing on muscle mass. Why? Because your growth hormone is drastically increased, and the body will look to body fat for energy instead.

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