Meet Mr Schlesinger

Owner of Ark Nutrition, Lee Schlesinger, shares how and why he turned his passion for fitness as a competitive body-builder into a business. 

Where Do You Live and What Do You Do?

I live in Loughton, Essex and I run a plumbing and heating business, LHS Plumbing Services . A core part of the business is bathroom design. At school, I was always interested in art and design so I really enjoy helping my customers to design and create something special. I grew up in Woodford, and my family live there still.

You’re Clearly Into Fitness – How Did You Get Into Body Building?

At school, I was always into sport. I played for the school football and hockey teams, swam for the school team and ran for Woodford Athletics. 100m and 200m. Like a lot of young men, I stopped being active at college. I smoked and ate all the wrong things. But I didn’t like the effect it had on my body, and decided to get back in shape again. I used the money I saved to pay for a gym membership. There I made a great group of friends, some of whom became training partners. The more I saw results, the more I got into training at the gym.

What Attracts You To The Sport?

I love a challenge, and I’m an ‘all or nothing’ person. Working out at the gym – and bodybuilding in particular – suit my lifestyle. I like to challenge myself to improve – whether that’s as a business person or as a bodybuilder.

How Do You Fit It In Around Your Work?

Bodybuilding fits in really well with my business and lifestyle. Because the plumbing and heating business can be unpredictable and jobs sometimes run into the evening, I go to the gym around 8.30pm. Training helps me to unwind. At 8.30pm, the gym’s a bit quieter and I can get on all the equipment.

What Are You Training For Right Now?

I’m training for a competition run by the National Amateur Body-Builder’s Association in November . I entered a UKBFF competition in 2014 and achieved third place. Now I’ve been through the experience once and know what to expect, I want to challenge myself and see if I can get placed higher.

What Made You Want To Start Ark?

As my interest in fitness and body building has evolved, I started taking more and more notice of my diet and testing out which supplements give me the best training results. I discovered that not all supplements are created equal, and some have unpleasant, and potentially harmful side effects.

I’m lactose intolerant, and found that a lot of whey based protein shakes didn’t agree with me. I started using Arkworld products around 18 months and was amazed at how well they work. Because of the way it’s formulated, I can drink Ark 4, a whey based protein shake. I found that both the l-Arginine supplement, Ark 1, and fat burner, Ark 5, give me loads of energy and stamina, essential when you routinely work 10-12 hour days as I do.

Seeing the benefits I was getting, friends and family started taking Ark products, and getting similar results. I researched the products further, and decided that I wanted more people to know about Arkworld products. I’d had it in mind to start a fitness related business for a while. I talked it over with my business coach, Denyse Whillier, and decided to go for it. Like I said, I love a challenge! Denyse introduced me to digital marketing and the world of SEO. Iv learnt a lot of these past years adding and adjusting the website to create a platform that will surely help others hit their goals. 


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