Are You Getting Enough Sleep?



It’s no secret that we spend approximately a third of our lives asleep, which may well seem like a substantial amount. But, most of us still fail to get an adequate amount of shut-eye each night, which is the root cause of a vast array of problems. Sleep is incredibly important, and while Napoleon and Margaret Thatcher may have functioned on 4 hours, the majority of us require the magic 8 hours.


Now, there’s a reason why experts label it as the magic 8 hours, and that’s because it’s what research says the body needs to function properly. While you’re in a deep sleep, your body is recovering, regenerating and repairing itself. In addition, it’s also ensuring your cognitive skills are refreshed to begin the next day.


These days, it can be difficult to shut yourself off from the world and commit to a healthy sleeping pattern. With so much technology surrounding us, it’s way too easy to get distracted by news, continue conversations with people or watch the latest tv series. But, if you regularly get a lack of sleep, it will eventually take its toll on your body.


Here are 7 things which will indicate you’re not getting enough sleep:


  • Your energy levels are low


The most obvious sign of sleep deprivation is a noticeable lack of energy throughout the day. Among other things, sleep is designed to revitalise your body and restore the energy that you’ve expended during the previous day.


  • Your mood fluctuates


If you become rattled easily and tend to snap at the people around you more often, it may be a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep. You see, when we’re exhausted, our tolerance levels dip, and we become frustrated, agitated or annoyed over the tiniest things.


  • You’re hungry more often


When you don’t allow sleep to restore your energy levels, the body will look to compensate in other ways. The main alternative is food, as that’s a great source of energy. But, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will crave much more than usual.


  • You struggle to remember things


As we’ve already touched on, sleep is wonderful at looking after your cognitive functions and keeping them healthy. One of those cognitive functions is memory, with low or very little sleep, you may notice that you’re forgetting things rather frequently.


  • You become emotional easily


If you’re literally exhausted and haven’t been adhering to a healthy sleeping pattern, then small things may evoke a flurry of emotions. So, don’t worry, if you find yourself teary for no reason, you may just need some more shut-eye.


  • Your immune system is poor


Another way sleep assists the body, is by bolstering the immune system so that common infections can be fought off. Therefore, if you’re repeatedly getting ill, then you may want to bump up the number of hours of sleep you’re getting.


  • You’re having issues with your sight


Without the magic 8 hours of sleep, your body struggles to control the muscles of the eye properly, due to exhaustion and fatigue. So, if you’re noticing eye strain, double vision, dry eyes or twitches, then you’re probably not getting enough sleep.


  • You GROW when you sleep


When we are asleep our body produces growth hormone and enhances muscle recovery through protein synthesis. Getting the magic 8 hours sleep every night will promote this recovery, a lack of sleep will prologue the process effecting your progress in the gym.



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